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The "Det", short for "Details", can be used to describe any term or set of shortened items that requires a further explanation, but may not be fully displayed because of aesthetic or technical reason.

When using the "Det" template, the displayed text will be underlined with a series of dots, while the hidden text will only be revealed after you hover the mouse into the displayed text area.

Default Syntax

Typing this... Will produce this
{{det|Displayed Text|Hidden Text}} Displayed Text
Try pointing your mouse to the text above.


The "Det" template can be both used for technical reason or creatively used for text customization.

Typing this... Will produce this
You need to use treasures with {{det|SED|Slower Energy Drain}} beforehand. You need to use treasures with SED beforehand.
Statistics: {{det|113/67|Attack/Defense}} Statistics: 113/67
Combination Bonus: 35,000 extra {{det|Pionts for Alll Greentea Jellyes|This typo is intended, as shown in the game when pairing Green Tea Cookie and Refillable Ocha Drink.}} Combination Bonus: 35,000 extra Pionts for Alll Greentea Jellyes
ZOMG dat basketball boy is {{det|so hot|it's too hot even it feels like in hell, this senpai is just too handsome orz}}! ZOMG dat basketball boy is so hot!


Please note that using a quotation mark (") in the second parameter (the hidden text) will cause the template to display incorrectly. To display this character, use the HTML entity &quot; or alternatively put the "hidden" parameter in the <nowiki> tags.