Since there's more improvement of Island of Memories Missions Rewards that I edited yesterday, I make a some new icon if you want to edit your Wikia post!

To include these icons into your article, simply change the editing mode into Source Editor mode, and type the following code:

If you type... Result Example use
{{Coin}} Coin With Coin Farming using Cheesecake Cookie and/or Mint Choco Cookie, you can get up to

Coin 30,000 per run.

{{Crystal}} Crystal You have to collect Crystal until you have Crystal 1,990 where you can buy Epic Cookies.
{{RainbowCube}} Rainbow Cube Yoga Cookie's Peace and Love only cost Rainbow Cube 200 in Wardrobe Shop.
{{EscapePoint}} Escape Level Upgrading Cookie/Pet or give friends a gift will get at least Escape Level 30-800.
{{ChocolateChest}} Chocolate Chest Key (1) Usually included in Rewards, see for example:
{{StrawberryChest}} Strawberry Chest Key (1)
{{FrozenChest}} Frozen Chest Key
{{CookieChest}} Cookie Chest Key (1)
{{PetNest}} Pet Nest Key
{{TreasureIncantation}} Treasure Incantation
{{LeagueMedal}} Champion League Medal Only in Champions League result if you join Champions League.

Rewards icons can also be resized into any preferred size (up to 213px) by adding these code: {{grade|size in pixel}}.

For example:

If you type... Result Example use
{{TreasureIncantation|30px}} Resizing the Treasure Incantation icon into 30 pixels in size Treasure Incantation
{{RainbowCube|50px}} Resizing the Rainbow Cube icon into 30 pixels in size Rainbow Cube
{{FrozenChest|100px}} Resizing the Frozen Chest icon into 100 pixels in size Frozen Chest Key
{{CookieChest|150px}} Resizing the Cookie Chest icon into 150 pixels in size Cookie Chest Key (1)

I hope this tutorial will knows about these icons! Please ask me if you needs help about it!