Hello, and welcome to the guide for "MyCROB" infobox. This infobox is intended to be included in your own user profile, containing some basic information about yours. Because this is a personal infobox, it's entirely optional for you to add yourself here - you can choose to include as guided or doing differently with your own creativity.

Blank Template

You can copy and paste this source code into your user profile:

  <!--Your basic profile-->
  <!--High Scores-->


The header contains the Title, which can be used to include your username, name, or other callings you like.

Image can be filled with one image you upload personally, however we kindly request not to upload anything that breaches our Rules and Policies. It's also possible to have more than one image, using the Tabber syntax. To use the Tabber syntax, you have to delete the Image syntax and replace it using these codes below:

<div align="center"><tabber>
Name1 = [[File:File name 1 here|size]]
|-|Name2 = [[File:File name 2 here|size]]
|-|Name3 = [[File:File name 2 here|size]]

The Tabber also gave you the advantage to resize the image (for a maximum of 240x240px). To resize each image, you can replace the "size" with (width) x (height) px without spaces.

Imagecaption can be used for various reasons, such as captioning your image or putting your own favorite quotes. You can use
to separate your caption with a new line.

OK Tip: You can also include various templates inside Imagecaption or anywhere else inside this infobox:

Name Syntax Example
Det {{Det|Displayed text|Hidden text}} Displayed text
Quote {{quote|The statement|The speaker}}
Quote1 The statement Quote2
―The speaker
Spoiler {{hidden|Something secret}}

The following text may contain spoiler. Click Expand to view the content.

Something secret
End of spoiler content.
Icon See this guide.


The Profile group consists of your basic and contact information.

OK If you don't want to tell your contact information, leave each query blank and it will be removed from your Infobox.

Location - Tell us where do you live, your time zone, or be creative of telling somewhere only we know (e.g. "Inside the Witch's Oven").

OvenBreak ID - Here's the place to promote your OvenBreak ID.

OvenBreak Nickname - Here's the place to promote your OvenBreak Nickname.

Level - Your current Level.

Since - Since when you started playing Cookie Run OvenBreak?

High Scores

This one can be filled with your all-time high score of each episode. You can also choose to display your combination to high score as well, but remember to scale down the image so it will fit good for you.

However, take a note that sometimes Cookie Run will reset Shattered Kingdom high score. This was happened at the end of Champions League. Here if you want to know.

Trophies - Trophies you owned. At the end of each season of Champions League, Trophies will reset down to 8800 and the deducted Trophies will convert into League Medal.


Favorites will be the place to list one (or three, or twelve, or fifty) of your favorite items. Currently it only supports to the Cookie, Pet, and Treasure. You can also display the image inside Favorites as usual, using [[File:File name 1 here|sizepx|link=]].

Have more ideas to expand this infobox? Please don't hesitate to leave a comment here.

Update 14:59, June 5, 2017: Adding Trophies owned.