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Tutorial is the Cookie Run: OvenBreak Tutorial when you installed for first time.


Scene 1Edit

  • [You can see GingerBrave's face when he is in The Witch's Oven. He sweat a lots.]
  • [Then you can see all dead Cookies here.]
  • [On next scene, GingerBrave was now need help.]
  • GingerBrave: I can't be eaten alive like this! Help me escape this hot oven! Where is this? Inside the oven?
  • GingerBrave: [If you click "Bake and eat"] How... how dare you!

Scene 2 (The Witch's Oven if you click "Break free")Edit

  • GingerBrave: Phew! That was close... Hi there! I'm GingerBrave. Please, please! Help me escape!
  • GingerBrave: [See the Jellies] Oh look! Jellies!! Collect Jellies to earn points! [Collect Bear Jellies] These Bear Jellies give even more points. [Collect Coins] And these are Coins! You'll need a lot of these later on!
  • GingerBrave: [You can see the Energy Bar on top] See the Energy bar on top? It goes down little by little while running. [Look at small obstacle] Oh no! An obstacle! What should I do...? [Suddenly hit by obstacle] Ouch! That hurt... [You can see the Energy drained on top] That obstacle left me really weak... If I lost all my Energy, I'm doomed! No... I can't fall now... [See the Giant Energy Potion] Look! Potion!! [Now his Energy restored] Phew! Energy restored!

Practice Avoiding ObstaclesEdit

  • GingerBrave: Let's practice avoiding obstacles. Look! Another obstacle! Tap on Jump! [Click Jump Button on bottom left screen] GREAT! This time, you try! Make sure to time it perfectly. GO!
  • GingerBrave: [After clearing First Mission] That was really good! [Collect Giant Energy Potion]
  • GingerBrave: For larger obstacles, you need to Double Jump. Now Jump! And once more in the air, Jump! [Double Click Jump Button on bottom left screen] AWESOME! Now you try! Concentrate and... GO!
  • GingerBrave: [After clearing Second Mission] PERFECT!! [Collect Giant Energy Potion]
  • GingerBrave: Now we gotta Slide. Press the Slide button... [Click and hold Slide Button on bottom right screen] ...hold until I'm through! You've definitely got skills! Think you can do it by yourself? Now, don't get up too quickly! GO!
  • GingerBrave: [After clearing Last Mission] WOW! You are really talented! [Collect Giant Energy Potion] I think I see the light! [Then he run quickly] ESCAPE!!!

After EscapeEdit

  • GingerBrave: Wow, thanks for helping me escape the hot oven! For a minute here, I thought I was going to be eaten alive! Again, I'm the valiant GingerBrave! What's your name?
  • [After entering your nickname/name]
  • GingerBrave: [Your nickname/name here]? Cool name! Ready to find out what awaits us beyond the Witch's House?
  • [You can see all Lands from Jelly Bug Forest to Shattered Kingdom]
  • GingerBrave: To go to the next Land, you must collect Trophies! Here, let me show you how!

On LobbyEdit

  • GingerBrave: Let's join a Trophy Race to earn Trophies. [Click "PLAY!" button, then you can see Searching for opponents to find Players] Oh, look! Players are joining to race with us! Trophy Race has started! Try to get a high score within 3 minutes! Let's Run, Run! Cookie Run!
  • GingerBrave: [After finished to get high score in First Race] Let's find out your ranking! [Your nickname/name here]! You're #1! When the race is over, you'll receive a reward depending on your rank! Just this once, let's speed things up a bit! Tick Tock! [Time left has been speed up until the end]
  • GingerBrave: [After First Race result] You've ranked #1! Receive your Trophies and Chest! Hurry! Let's see what's inside the chest!
  • GingerBrave: [When you click Gold Chest using Gold Ticket] Inside chests, you'll find new Cookies and Pets!

After you get GingerBrightEdit

  • GingerBright: Hi there! I'm the joyful GingerBright! Ooh, a new Cookie! Let's go see! [Click Cookie button on screen] Here you can check out Cookies you've found. And it seems like you can upgrade GingerBrave now! [Click GingerBrave on screen] Let's upgrade him using Coins! [Click upgrade, then GingerBrave Level up] Wow! Looks like GingerBrave has gotten even braver!! [After you Level Up] Upgrade Cookies & Pets to increase your Escape Level! The higher your Escape Level, the more Cookies and Pets you'll unlock!
  • GingerBright: [You can see all locked Cookies here] You can unlock these Cookies by reaching Escape Level 3 Let's hurry and reach Escape Level 3 to free more Cookies!
  • GingerBright: Enough talk, let's run! Score high to receive even more Trophies! You can check out your Trophy count here! I'm off to Run, Run! Cookie Run!
  • [Tutorial Ends.]


  • 1st: Jump over 3 obstacles
  • 2nd: Double Jump over 3 obstacles
  • Last: Slide under 3 obstacles