Spirit Potions are a special currency released as part of the 6/5/17 GingerBrave Day update.

Spirit potion

About Spirit Potions Edit

Spirit Potions are used to aid in upgrading Cookies and Pets, in that they can provide you with extra Cookies and/or Pets in the event that you lack those of the same kind necessary to upgrade one of your choice.

They are regularly obtainable through opening Golden Chests, at one potion per chest.

Using Spirit Potions Edit

The amount of Cookies that each Spirit Potion grants you varies depending on its rarity. For instance, they can grant a whopping 30 Common Cookies per use, while they are unable to be used on Legendary Cookies.

Rarity Spirit Potion Value
Common 30
Rare 7
Epic 1
Legendary N/A (Unusable)

Changes Edit

Prior to June 10, they were bugged, and wouldn't level up Cookies, but the amount didn't decrease.

This bug was patched as of June 10.