Skill Edit

Creates shield that will nullify damage when cookie collides with an obstacle. After colliding, shield disappears and has to be recharged. Upgrades reduce the amount of time required for shield to be recharged.

Description Edit

The latest break-through in candy technology! Everything is calm inside this bubbly bubble. No damage will come to the Cookie when colliding with obstacles.

Statistics Edit

Level Skill Upgrade Cost Number of treasures required Upgrade Reward
Level 1 Creates shield every 70 sec N/A N/A N/A
Level 2 Creates shield every 65 sec Coin 80,000 2 Escape Level
Level 3 Creates shield every 60 sec Coin 160,000 4 Escape Level 400
Level 4 Creates shield every __ sec Coin 320,000 10 Escape Level
Level 5 Creates shield every __ sec Coin 640,000 20 Escape Level
Level 6 Creates shield every __ sec Coin 1,200,000 40 Escape Level