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Alchemist Cookie's Quests
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1. Meet Alchemist Cookie Edit

Quest Dialogue Huh? Oh, hi. No time for chit chat!

I need Yellow Bear Jellies for my experiment! I need it now! Hurry, help me get some!

Quest Description Collect 450 Yellow Bear Jellies with Alchemist Cookie
Quest Completion Dialogue Not bad! This should do the trick.

2. Pink Bear Jelly extracts Edit

Quest Dialogue Hmm... Let's see... what am I missing...

Ah! I know! Pink Bear Jelly extracts! Even a small dose can change everything!

Quest Description Collect 160 Pink Bear Jellies with Alchemist Cookie
Quest Completion Dialogue Well done! You can be my apprentice!

3. Now Potions! Edit

Quest Dialogue Well... I've got enough of Jellies...

Let's try this with that... and that... Oh! I know! Potions will amplify its power! If we take Pocket Strawberry, we'll finish in no time!

Quest Description Collect 30 Potions with Alchemist Cookie
Quest Completion Dialogue Almost there...

4. Precision and perseverance Edit

Quest Dialogue The secret of alchemy?

Precision and perseverance. Think you have what it takes? Let's see.

Quest Description Run with Alchemist Cookie for 600 sec
Quest Completion Dialogue Not bad, not bad. But we still have a long way to go!

5. Alchemy is not cheap Edit

Quest Dialogue I need Coins. Lots of Coins.

What did you expect? Alchemy is not cheap! In order to gain something, something of equal value is needed.

Quest Description Collect 30,000 Coins
Quest Completion Dialogue Good, good. Excellent...

6. Where to get Crystals Edit

Quest Dialogue I need something even more valuable...

Crystals! Many, many Crystals! You know where to find it, right? Well the flying jars of course!

Quest Description Collect 3 Mini Crystal Jars
Quest Completion Dialogue Why they're even more beautiful than I remembered!

7. Powerful stuff Edit

Quest Dialogue Now, I'll need Giant Bear Jellies.

Specifically, eighty. I'll be extracting all the energy and nutrients of the huge Giant Bear Jelly into a single drop. It is extremely powerful, so be careful!

Quest Description Collect 80 Giant Bear Jellies with Alchemist Cookie
Quest Completion Dialogue TBA