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Picky Tomato

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Popcorn Cookie

Skill Edit

Gives points for running at a given interval. The points get higher as you do not collide with obstacles. Once you hit an obstacle, the point system resets. Level Up will increase base points.

Description Edit

A good movie will turn its face cheery red. But a bad movie... will rot it to its core. A natural critic, one habit it can't shake is rating the way Cookies run. The better they run, the more points they get. Though, some Cookies would rather not be rated at all...

Statistics Edit

Level Skill Upgrade Cost
Level 1 Perfect Run Lv.1 N/A
Level 2 Perfect Run Lv.2 Coin 16,000
Level 3 Perfect Run Lv.3 Coin 32,000
Level 4 Perfect Run Lv.4 Coin 80,000
Level 5 Perfect Run Lv.5 Coin
Level 6 Perfect Run Lv.6 Coin
Level 7 Perfect Run Lv.7 Coin
Level 8 Perfect Run Lv.8 Coin

Trivia Edit

  • Possibly a reference of the movie review website Rotten Tomatoes
  • In the 10/24/2016 update, the rarity of Picky Tomato has been changed from Common to Epic.
  • On 2/1/17, the combi bonus was changed from "+200 points for each Popcorn Jelly" to "Energy drains 12% slower."

Gallery Edit