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Pets are the companion of Cookies in Cookie Run: Ovenbreak, who always follow them around on their runs. Just like Cookies, Pets possess special Skills. If Pets are combined with the right Cookie, they can get a Combi Bonus.

Obtaining New Pets Edit

You can obtain new Pets from Chests. Additionally, Pets can be purchased in the Shop, by purchasing Chests with crystals or coins.

New Pets are unlocked on certain Escape Levels. Once unlocked, a Pet can be found in a Chest.

Upgrading Pets Edit

To upgrade a Pet, you need to find a certain number of Pets of the same kind. Go to the Pet selection screen to learn the current number of Pets at your disposal. When the Upgrade Bar turns green, this will mean that the Pet is ready to be upgraded.

With the release of Spirit Potions in June 2017, it is now easier to upgrade the Pet of the player's choice. However, the amount of Spirit Potions given for free is significantly less to avoid excessive unbalance.

Pet's Skill is getting more powerful with Level Ups. When player upgrades their pets, they are awarded with Escape Points.

You can only upgrade Pets until they reach Maximum level. Maximum level for Pets are different for each rarity:

  • Maximum 25 for Common
  • Maximum 20 for Rare
  • Maximum 15 for Epic

Rarity Edit

Same with Cookies, there are three rarity for Pets: Common, Rare, and Epic.

Rarity affects Maximum level for Pets.