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Name Picture Class Unlock
Choco Drop Choco Drop Common None
Cheese Drop Cheese Drop Common Level 2
Space Mini Ball Space Mini Ball Epic 5 Nearby Friends
Pocket Strawberry Pocket Strawberry Common Level 3
Lucky Dice Bros Lucky Dice Bros Common Level 3
Brain Gum Brain Gum Rare Level 6
Celestial Star Celestial Star Rare Level 6
Fluffy Cheese Cat Fluffy Cheese Cat Rare Level 6 & 490 Crystals
Dragon's Tail Dragon's Tail Rare Level 6
Mini Orange Mouse Pet0064 shop Epic Reach Land 2
Flower Pod Flower Pod Epic Level 6
Princess's Locket Princess's Locket Rare Level 7
Marshmallow Hamster Marshmallow Hamster Epic Level 7
Jellyco Cube Jellyco Cube Epic Level 8
Snow Blossom Snow Blossom Epic Level 8
Glitter Ball Glitter Ball Rare Level 9
Pancake Frisbee Pancake Frisbee Epic Level 9
Dumbbell Twins Dumbbell Twins Rare Level 10
Speaker Sandwich Speaker Sandwich Epic Level 10
Kiwi Bird Kiwi Bird Epic Level 11
Cloud Pelican Cloud Pelican Rare Level 12
Mr. Fa-Sol-La-Si Mr. Fa-Sol-La-Si Epic Level 12 & 990 Crystals
Herb Teapot Herb Teapot Epic Level 12
Owlcorn Owlcorn Epic Level 13
Little Ghost Little Ghost Rare Level 14
Fox Bead Fox Bead Epic Level 14
Lemon Slice Lemon Slice Rare Level 16
Giggle Bomb Giggle Bomb Epic



Level 16
Picky Tomato Picky Tomato Epic Level 18
Spotlight Fan Spotlight Fan Rare Level 18
Flame Bat Flame Bat Rare Level 20
Furball Pup Furball Pup Epic Level 20
Rocket Firecracker Rocket Firecracker Rare Level 22
Snow Globe Snow Globe Epic Level 22
Energy Scale Energy Scale Rare Level 24
Book of Wizdom Book of Wizdom Epic Level 24
Mini Jackson No.2 Mini Jackson No.2 Rare Level 26
Meat King Meat King Epic Level 26
Pistachio Firefly Pistachio Firefly Rare Level 28
Oak Barrel Oak Barrel Rare Level 28
Dark Spirit Helmet Dark Spirit Helmet Epic Level 29
Paper Boat Sailor Paper Boat Sailor Epic Reach Land 3
Octo Wasabi Octo Wasabi Epic Reach Land 3
Hot Doggie Hot Doggie Epic Reach Land 4
Yule Log Cake DP5Oh0BXcAAVk4Q Epic None
Castanets Castanets Epic None
Bow Tie Bottle Bowtie bottle Epic None