Below are lists of combination bonuses when certain cookies and pets are paired during the play.

How Combination Bonus worksEdit

Combination bonuses from main cookie and pet will be carried through the cookie relay. For example, combining Ninja Cookie and Little Ghost will gives "+1,500 points for destroying an obstacle". When Ninja Cookie is out and energy and replaced by Hero Cookie as relay, every points from Hero Cookie will still gives "+1,500 points for destroying an obstacle".

However, combination bonuses from relay cookie and pet combination will not be carried when cookie relay is used. Instead, the original combination bonus from pairing main cookie and pet will be carried over, or no combination bonuses will be affected if the main cookie and pet has no combination bonus.

Original Combination BonusesEdit

The lists below covers the original combination bonuses, or "Combi Bonus" that appears in the description column of a cookie/pet.

Cookie Pet Combo Bonus
GingerBrave Cookie Head Choco Drop +10 Energy Bonus
GingerBright Cookie Head Cheese Drop +300 points for each Pink Bear Jelly
Space Doughnut Cookie Head Space Mini Ball 1 lift from a hole
Strawberry Cookie Head Pocket Strawberry Pet Skill cooldown time -5%
Skater Cookie Head Lucky Dice Bros Power Jelly lasts 20% longer
Zombie Cookie Head Brain Gum +15 Energy Bonus
Angel Cookie Head Celestial Star +20 points for all jellies
Hero Cookie Head Jellyco Cube Hero Mode 0.5 seconds longer
Skating Queen Cookie Head Snow Blossom Energy drains 23% slower
Muscle Cookie Head Dumbbell Twins +200 points for all Jellies in Giant Mode
Yoga Cookie Head Speaker Sandwich Meditates 0.5 seconds longer
Pilot Cookie Head Cloud Pelican +500 points for each Fish Jelly
Ninja Cookie Head Little Ghost +1,500 points for destroying an obstacle
Kumiho Cookie Head Fox Bead +100 points for each Seduced Bear Jelly
Soda Cookie Head Lemon Slice Pet Skill cooldown time -15%
Pirate Cookie Head Giggle Bomb 10 extra Energy when revived as Ghost
Popcorn Cookie Head Picky Tomato Energy drains 12% slower
Rockstar Cookie Head Spotlight Fan +50 points for each Music Jelly
Devil Cookie Head Flame Bat +500 points for each Spectral Jelly
Werewolf Cookie Head Furball Pup +2000 points for destroying an obstacle
Cherry Cookie Head Rocket Firecracker Throws 1 more bomb
Snow Sugar Cookie Head Snow Globe +200 points for each Snow Blossom Jelly
Alchemist Cookie Head Energy Scale +100 points for all Bear Jellies
Wizard Cookie Head Book of Wizdom +200 points for each Ice Cream Jelly
Gumball Cookie Head Mini Jackson No.2 +1000 points for destroying an obstacle
Tiger Lily Cookie Head Meat King +100 points for each Meat Jelly
Pistachio Cookie Head Pistachio Firefly Blast Jelly lasts 20% longer
Vampire Cookie Head Oak Barrel +2000 points for going through obstacles
Dark Choco Cookie Head Dark Spirit Helmet +1500 points for destroying an obstacle
Cheesecake Cookie Head Fluffy Cheese Cat Creates Golden Invitation Jelly
Mint Choco Cookie Head Mr. Fa-Sol-La-Si Increased chance of Giant Coin Flower
Princess Cookie Head Princess's Locket Pet Skill cooldown time -5%
Fairy Cookie Head Flower Pod +800 points for Flower Jellies
Kiwi Cookie Head Kiwi Bird +15 Energy Bonus
Cocoa Cookie Head Marshmallow Hamster +200 points for Marshmallow Jellies
Cheerleader Cookie Head Glitter Ball Cheer Squad 0.5 seconds longer
Cream Puff Cookie Head Owlcorn +100 points for Yellow Bear Jellies
Herb Cookie Head Herb Teapot +150 for Sprout Jellies
Pancake Cookie Head Pancake Frisbee +200 points for Maple Syrup Jellies
Peppermint Cookie Head Paper Boat Sailor Peppermint Whale 0.5 seconds longer