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Island of Memories was a Special Land that released on March 21, 2017.

The Island of Memories is a magical place that holds cherished memories of our beloved Cookies. Here, you can complete missions to get a glimpse of a certain Cookie's memory and receive great rewards.

Sometimes, there will be special events where you can aquire (through event) or purchase Cookie costumes for a limited time offer.


Welcome to the Island of Memories.
Here, you can get a glimpse of Cookie's Memories.
One cannot tell if these memories are real or from their deepest dreams...
For each mission you complete, you'll uncover a fascinating memory.
Shall we go take a take a stroll in the island?

- Moonlight Cookie

How to playEdit

Island of Memories is unlocked once you reach Land 3. Although your score will not be saved while playing in the Island of Memories, you can complete Daily Missions and Jelly Missions here as well.

The Island of Memories mission that needs to be completed can be seen on the top right of the gameplay screen, so make sure to complete it!

On the main screen of the Island of Memories, you'll be able to see the completed Stage and acquired Stars. Once you clear a Stage and head on to the next, you'll be able to see the requirements for each Star.

There are two types of missions, one to be completed in one play or that can be completed by playing various times (accumulated). Among those missions, there are those that gives you a glimpse of a Cookie's memory. In this case, you can only play with the specific Cookie and Pet.

In order to play in the Island of Memories, you'll need Winding Keys. You can see how many Winding Keys you currently have on the upper left corner of the Island of Memories screen. You can wait for the Winding Key to refill after a certain period of time, purchase them, or get it for free by watching ads.

Don't forget to receive daily rewards by completing Island of Memories missions. You can get rewards every day even if you have cleared the entire memory.


You can use Boosters to earn more points, and to clear a Stage.

Use Boosters only available in the Island of Memories to earn more points. But don't forget to select the Boosters prior to staring the game.

The Boosters available are different for all Stages. They can be acquired as rewards in the Island of Memories or purchased using Crystals.

List of BoostersEdit

Name Effect Cost
Energy Boost IOM
Energy Boost
40 Energy Bonus
Revive IOM
Revives Cookie with 40 Energy
Ice Bridge IOM
Ice Bridge
Create Ice Bridge to cover holes Crystal 180
Shield IOM
Protects Cookie from 1 collision
Tiny Magnet IOM
Tiny Magnet
Attracts Jellies Crystal 180
Energy Note IOM
Energy Note
When Energy is low, 1 Energy Note will appear.

List of MemoriesEdit

Name Release Photo
Img memoryLand cookie0019
Hero Cookie's Memories
March 21st, 2017
Img story0001 photo
Img memoryLand cookie0020
Cheerleader Cookie's Memories
April 11th, 2017
Img story0002 photo
Img memoryLand cookie0107
Dr. Wasabi Cookie & Mustard Cookie's Memories
May 1st, 2017
Img story0003 photo

An upcoming memory island of Pirate Cookie was announced on the official Cookie Run Twitter on July 24th, 2018.

List of CostumesEdit

To unlock a Costumes, you can get it for free from Invitation Event. Just have 2 New or Inactive Player to add your ID. Limited time is 20 days.

  • New player: A player who has started the game during the event period.
  • Inactive player: A player who has not played Cookie Run: OvenBreak for 20 days or more.

New and/or Inactive player must receive their reward and play in the Island of Memories for you to receive your reward. New or Inactive players who enter Your ID will receive Crystals.

Hero Cookie's First Suit: S1CV

Hero Cookie's Memories

Cookie0019z01 shop
Cookie0019z01 shop ani00
+50 points for all Jellies while flying
Cheerleader Cookie's School Attire

Cheerleader Cookie's Memories

Cookie0020z01 shop
+30 points for Colorful Star Jellies
Pancake Cookie's Baby Elephant PJ

Dr. Wasabi Cookie & Mustard Cookie's Memories

Cookie0069z01 shop
+100 points for Acorn Jellies