Mechanics Edit

  • Once you start running, the Cookie's energy drains by the rate of 2 per second
  • Hitting an obstacle will cost you 40 energy lost
    • Small flying obstacles (ex. Bees and pumpkins) will cost you 20 energy lost instead
    • After hitting or going through the obstacle, it will disappear.

Potions Edit

Potions Jellies
Jelly Recovers
Large Health Potion Large Potion 40 energy
Small Health Potion Small Potion 10 energy
Pocket Strawberry Pixel Potion 10 energy
Pistachio Firefly Blast Potion 10 energy
Oak Barrel Grape Juice Potion 10 energy
Green Tea Bag Green Tea Potion 10 energy
Owlcorn Bear Jelly Party Potion 10 energy
Lemon Slice Soda Potion 10 energy