Cookie Run: OvenBreak (often shortened as CROB) is a game created by Devsisters, released on 26 September 2016. Currently, this game is partly released only in Canada, Sweden, Netherlands, Philippines, Hong Kong, and Australia. Cookie Run: OvenBreak is released globally at 27 October 2016[1], preceded with a pre-register event[2]. This is the first game that Devsisters has ever released since the last time they are launched LINE Cookie Run on January 2014, and marking their departure from using LINE and Kakao instant messaging platform.

While Cookie Run: OvenBreak retains most attributes from the older Cookie Run (including the side-scrolling arcade), the CROB significantly changes their graphic style, scoring, and leaderboard system, while also introducing new cookies, pets, and treasures that has never been found on Cookie Run.


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